Quality Assurance

Bytes People Solutions’ Quality offering goes far beyond internal agent compliance – it represents a rebirth and evolution of the age old approach to quality. Our methodology translates the very important customer feedback into business improvement recommendations. The customer feedback is scrutinized in line with three core themes: People, Process and Systems.

Our strategy involves engagement at every level and informs a great deal of the learning and development strategy, bringing distinctive competitive advantage and organisational success.

Bytes People Solutions’ Quality business unit believes in continuous improvement in order to meet the ever changing customer expectation. For this reason, we regularly revisit our Quality approach and “refresh” our tactics by discarding outdated QA practices and replacing them with processes that focus on critical business essentials as well as the customer journey. Customer opinion is an inseparable component of our Quality methodology.

Gone are the days where Quality conducted random sampling to determine where agents go wrong. Customer experience enhancement is the departure point for our approaches and methodologies.

In order to measure customer experience across the various interaction channels, we monitor voice, IVR, written communication and social media with the same intensity.

Bytes People Solutions’ approach to call monitoring allows us to improve the integration of basic interaction analysis with other key functions in the contact centre, such as training, recruitment and systems. According to best practice standards, Quality Assurance is performed by specialised staff, dedicated to the quality effort, trained to have exceptional understanding of the products, processes and procedures of the contact centre they are monitoring.

Implementing this well thought out Quality Assurance programme in your business, will be the key differentiator in an industry where good customer service is simply NOT good enough.