Workforce Management and Training

Workforce Management plays a pivotal role in managing the trade-offs between customer satisfaction, operational costs, staff morale and service levels in a contact centre environment. This is a complex activity and requires high levels of expertise, not only in statistical analysis, modelling and forecasting, but also in such varied areas as customer analysis and process design.

Bytes People Solutions will provide you with an end-to-end solution that includes, but is not limited, to:

  • Data gathering and analysis of trends and business drivers for each individual area and skill.
  • Long-term, mid-term and short-term forecasting of workload.
  • Calculating staffing requirements and evaluating cost vs service trade-offs.
  • Scheduling, taking into consideration the uniqueness of each area, business constraints as well as the labour law.
  • Guidelines into real time management as well as performance tracking and review.

We can also provide monthly ongoing Workforce Management Services which include the following:

  • Historical data update.
  • Forecast update and maintenance.
  • Schedule review and optimisation.
  • Provide next round of rolling forward schedules.
  • Documentation and implementation of WFM processes.
  • WFM Monthly Contact Centre Dashboard Reporting i.e. Attendance reports, Shrinkage reports, Forecast vs Actual metrics, Staff Plan.
  • Active Schedule Management e.g. shift trades, break optimisation, schedule changes resulting from absenteeism and/or attrition, meetings, coaching and training session management. That is, any changes or updates to the current active schedule.


People are central to our business, and we ensure that all our agents are well supported. This begins with thorough inductions and spans to customised training programmes, depending on your operation. We’re also proud of the culture we create, which inevitably filters into our customers’ organisations and results in happy employees, who are less likely to fall prey to attrition.

We continuously monitor current methodologies, techniques and standards to keep abreast of best practice in training and update our learning material and methods accordingly.

Our Training and Development’s trainers are qualified and experienced to effectively facilitate the transfer of knowledge and assess and moderate learning outcomes and their assessment criteria.

All our course material is designed and tailored to your specific requirements.

Bytes People Solutions is an accredited training service provider with Media, Information and Technologies, Sector Education and Training Authority (Accreditation No. 2005/05/157).