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With extensive collective experience in customer service enablement and innovation, we are the ideal partner to ensure that your customer service strategy is accurate and executed with precision.

Our experience in the analysis of business processes enables us to implement tailor-made, optimised business solutions and by combining that with trusted technology solutions, we ensure business continuity for your organisation.

Whether through implementing your customer contact centre, your technology infrastructure or software and services, Bytes People Solutions is here to support you.

We have invested in various technologies, from cloud-based platforms to VoIP, email, web chat, SMS text and social media – all so that you can monitor your customer interactions and measure costs.

Our products and services:




Business intelligence is evolving into a business user-centric application to allow the user to make the right choices. Bytes People Solutions, powered by Qlik, offers business intelligence solutions. We believe information can change the world, and that every business user contributes to that transformation. Finding the right information, at the right time, to answer burning business questions is a challenge. With the QlikView Business Discovery platform and Qlik Sense Self Service Visualisation, Bytes People Solutions will enable you to easily analyse data to gain the competitive advantage. QlikView is a real-time dynamic dashboard that will provide insight into business trends through business process performance discovery. With Qlik Sense, everyone in your organization can easily create flexible, interactive visualizations and make meaningful decisions.




Customers demand increasingly higher standards of service. This, and the ever-constricting challenges of corporate governance and regulatory compliance, have created a pressing need for total reliability and security in electronic call records.

If your business relies on keeping track of customer phone interactions for quality, monitoring or legal purposes, then you’ll appreciate the importance of implementing a reliable and feature-rich call recording and quality management solution.

The CallCabinet® Voice™ Suite combines CallCabinet® CallTracker™ and QualityTracker™ in order to provide a synergistic all-in-one solution that enhances an organisation’s ability to listen and understand customers’ needs, ensures that service level goals are met and maintained, and increases call centre productivity, quality and effectiveness.

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Get feedback from your customers wherever they are. Smoke CCS will capture feedback from your customers at every touchpoint across every channel. Eyerys software helps you spot pain points and weak links that are damaging the customer experience. Take the next step and proactively respond to insights that will increase customer loyalty, advocacy and profitability.




The world has gone multichannel. Your customers want choice. They want to be able to call, email, chat, tweet, cobrowse, find answers on their own, and even interact in social spaces. As for you, in today’s hypercompetitive environment, customer engagement is the only sustainable differentiator. Delivering memorable customer journeys is both an imperative as well as an opportunity. That is the reason why leading companies have started to transform their siloed sales and service operations into customer engagement hubs that enable delightful customer journeys.

Bytes People Solutions provides the full range of eGain products, including eGain® Mail™, eGain® Chat™, eGain® Cobrowse™, eGain® SelfService™, eGain® Virtual Assistant™, eGain® Offers™ and eGain® Knowledge Agent

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Email Management Software is a solution for small- to medium-sized businesses. The solution is used to route, track, report on and archive corporate email communication sent to group inboxes such as: info@company.com, sales@company.com or support@company.com.

With customisable rules, a complete communication history and a powerful reporting engine, your email customer service will become as efficient as possible. Important emails can’t be lost, avoided, forgotten or mismanaged.

emailtopia Email Management Software works with all existing corporate mail servers (such as Microsoft Exchange) and supports industry standard mail protocols such as POP3, IMAP and SMTP.


Headsets play a vital and central role in the telecommunications industry, as well as making business processes simpler and more effective. With the proper headset, any business, small or large can take advantage of remote call control and other unified communications tools. Our wide range of headset offerings enable workers to be hands-free and multi-task in comfort and our wireless headsets provide them with the extra advantage of being able to move around the office whilst continuing the call. Comfortable and durable headsets with the best sound protection and technology are paramount for call clarity and ergonomic health and safety. We have the right solution for all your needs from monaural to noise cancelling, from wired sets to wireless and Bluetooth.




The Lithium platform comprises a complete set of solutions for social customer support, digital marketing and crowd-sourced innovation that allow you to listen, respond and act on your customers’ conversations, creating deeper customer relationships and fostering brand loyalty and advocacy by simplifying how people get answers and empowering them to share their experiences. The technology delivers a seamless digital customer experience across websites, social channels and mobile devices. It turns your web properties into a social destination that enables you to respond at scale through social channels, giving you the power to engage and enlist customers as extensions of your support, marketing and sales teams





Increase profitability and customer satisfaction by optimising your contact centre, back office, branch or store. Teleopti WFM is a world-class Workforce Management solution that encompasses all you need to optimise the staffing and customer service across your enterprise. Our complete solution supports optimisation of your contact centre, back office, branches and stores. Teleopti provides everything necessary to manage your staff effectively, forecast demand, create schedules, develop accurate and insightful reports and improve your overall customer service operation.